Career at DBC Architects

If you have unique experiences, skills and passions-and you believe you can bring them all to DBC Architects, then express your interest. DBC Architects will surprise you with a rewarding career and a lifestyle characterized with rich potentials. The excitement and satisfaction derived from being a team member will guarantee you confidence and experience.

Personnel Development

At DBC we take our career to the next level

Our organizational structure promotes growth.

Our close relationship and collaboration with leading consultants in the construction industry create opportunities for a broad knowledge in providing design services which eventually makes our staff become valuable assets for themselves and for the firm.

We carry out evaluation of project team members and we embark upon continuous assessment and training to ensure all our staff exhibit a high level of competency.

Our varied products create an environment for flexibility in skill development of our staff. Some of our staff become highly skilled with multi-varied talents for more effective performance in several roles while other staff prefer to tailor their career journey towards their unique skills.

With DBC Architects you can help make a difference to the world, and get more out of your working life than you thought possible.

Discover the wealth of application opportunities that exist and find your next career move as a Professional.

Send your Curriculum Vitae and Resumes to info@dbcarchitects.com